Top 10 Chrome Seo Extensions

A Definitive and Experienced Seo Extensions Review. We have listed  all the Time Best Seo Extensions for Chrome and Firefox. These Extension help you almost all kind of Seo Perspective and majority is Free.


Seo is cruel without the help of handy Seo tools, browser Plugins, Addons and Extension

These Seo handy tools make our life Easier. in this article I am gonna List down  the top 10 Seo Valuable and productive  seo chrome extension that can  improvise your SEO practices and give a deeper insight into your Seo strategies and metrics

These extensions help you get smaller but essential details for your Seo
There are plenty of Seo Extension Related to a single Seo perspective

But I am gonna Articulate the most advance, used, and nifty Seo tools and extensions that will help you to find and detect cause and error, Small but important insight, and many more things you need in your Seo life

Seo Minion

Seo minion ( Powered by Semrush ) is a very effective Seo Chrome extension specialized in on-page SEO for your website. It has key features to Link analyzer, SERP view, hreflang Checker, and Serp location checker.

The on-Page analyzer gives you meta information of the whole Page, Heading, and tags allocated on the page, Number of images, and images without an alt attribute.
Link analyzer give you all the details about the internal, external relational link like Dofollow, Nofollow existing on the page to make your external and internal link powerful

Another but important feature it provides is a chart view of the Valid, Redirect, 404, no domain, empty, and Server error link to eliminate the cause of the error on the webpage.

Last but not least Serp Checker gives a Search engine page result view of your website that shows how your website appears on Serp on different Regions and keywords.


Ahrefs Chrome Extension

Ahrefs Chrome Extension​

Ahrefs is the most popular SEO tool that gives you a huge amount of data to help you make informed decisions about your website.

But having all this information right there in front of you can be tough, especially if you don’t have much experience in SEO and online marketing. This is where the Ahrefs SEO toolbar comes in.

The Ahrefs chrome extension provides you with all the most important information you need on a regular basis. It can be used in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

The core and vital features of Ahrefs Seo toolbar are :

  • On-page SEO report
  • Redirect tracer with HTTP Headers
  • Broken link checker
  • Link highlighter
  • SERP positions

furthermore you will get Serp analytics of different metric from Ahrefs Seotoolbar of every website existing on Serp

Ahrefs chrome extension: Usage

The Ahrefs chrome extension works in two modes – compact and extended.
In Compact mode, you get a search box with a drop-down menu right above it. Pressing the down arrow on the menu reveals even more options:
These are all useful functions to help you summarize information about your top keyword s

Use the SEO toolbar to make Ahrefs data available in your browser, so that you can use our tools whenever and wherever you want. The extension stays out of your way until you need it, and then gives you all the information – both graphically and textually.


Lighthouse chrome extension

Lighthouse  is a performance auditing tool developed by Google. The lighthouse chrome extension helps users in the improvement of mobile web apps, sites and PWAs (progressive web applications).

The lighthouse chrome extension can be used to audit performance, accessibility, best practices for app cache and service workers. The lighthouse chrome extension was initially released in 2015 but the lighthouse chrome extension is now being updated often by google in order to make it easier for developers to improve their web applications using light house.

In the production environment lighthouse chrome extension is used by many companies and individuals to improve their web application’s performance.The lighthouse chrome extension is very simple to use.

In order to improve your website using lighthouse chrome extension, one must test by opening the web application in different parts of the world with

Audits are done on page elements such as network requests, JavaScript execution, rendering etc.
The lighthouse chrome extension is very helpful for web application developers.
You can also use lighthouse chrome extension while debugging google SEO penalty issues and you can analyze the lighthouse chrome extension result to understand the lighthouse chrome extension issues and thereby solve google SEO penalty lighthouse chrome extension error issues.

The lighthouse chrome extension is very useful when used to see the lighthouse chrome extension timers of a webpage. For example you can use lighthouse chrome extension to find out why your website takes 2 seconds to load.

One more lighthouse chrome extension feature that I would like to mention here is the lighthouse chrome extension source viewer. The lighthouse source viewer
The lighthouse chrome extension source viewer can be used to examine the lighthouse chrome extension log. You can easily add and remove lighthouse chrome extension log sources and lighthouse chrome extension log levels, which helps you find out lighthouse chrome extension errors much faster.

The lighthouse chrome extension is not just limited to finding google SEO penalty issues on your web application

Light House-Chrome-Extension

Install Light House Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest extension

Ubersuggest is an extension helps you to find related keywords for any keyword within a matter of seconds. This extension works as a part of website and thus provides you with the related search terms based upon your keyword research.
The extension aims to help SEOs in discovering new long-tail keywords, performing keyword research and niche site analysis. It does this by searching for the most searched queries which contain a specific keyword.

Trying to write some good quality articles? Then this would be the ideal tool for you.

This tool is ideal for the writers as well as for people who are into SEO and keep track of their keywords and the related search terms that bring them traffic.

UBersuggest lets you find:

– Related Keywords, with adsense potentials;
– Related long tail keywords, with high volume and low competition;
– Keywords with good domain authority and low page rank.
– Backlink profile of a webpage
– DA ( domain authority ) an Seo Metric from Moz
– Monthly Organic Traffic on a webpage
  All these Search metric are driven from

The ubersuggest extension for chrome is a unique SEO tool that also helps to find about Organic traffic on a webpage, Quantity of Backlinks, domain authority and organic average monthly traffic .
These all metrics are totally based on core search engines and provide precise results.


Seo Quake

SeoQuake is remarkable Powerful SEO Toolbox chrome Seo extension expertise in many Seo Stances Powered by Semrush. It Provides the popular Search engine metrics, Google index, Bing Index, Alexa rank, and Semrush Rank.

Seo quake chrome extension gives you real time updates and alerts for SEO changes. It helps you keep track of competition ranking status, content quality issues, domain health and many more factors without leaving your browser. This saves a lot of precious time than going through various desktop applications or manually checking the individual website links.

It provides major Seo Audits like Link examiner real-time Seo Audit, Seo Showdown
Seoquake alerts you to problems on your website affecting SEO. The extension will highlight and explain errors in red, and provide tips for correcting them in green. 
Page SEO audit gives a detailed view Page analysis of meta tags and description URL canonical and Twitter card information and provides a mobile compliance

A cross-domain checker gives you the option to compare domain and URL in real-time


Detailed Seo Extension

Detailed Seo Extension is Remarkable On page Audit , Site Reporting and web page analytical Seo extension
helps your Google page rank increase by providing you detailed information about the links pointing to your website. It allows you to monitor your SEO and keeps track of your competitors’ strategy as well. As many people might know, getting high page ranking requires a lot of hard work just like earning money in the real world.


Detailed Chrome extension Features:

– Shows detailed information about Backlinks in a page its reveal the complete Backlink report including Total number of link, Internal links, external links, and unique links
It also gives an option to import and export the complete report of Links

– Manifest the complete Meta of a webpage like Title, Description, Url, Canonical, Robot,txt, Sitemap, Hreflang, Focus Keyword, and Complete Heading Structure That makes your on page visible for every kind of modification.
– convey a complete report of images, total number of images,  Images without alt text and images without title. It shows all kinds of flaws so you can detect and evaluate it to make your spot on the search engine ranking.
– Allow to Lookup a webpage on major Seo Group buy tools  like Ahrefs, Archive, Majestic, Semrush, Moz and similar web

– Shows detailed information about anchor texts used in links pointing to your website from various search engines and directories.

– Shows links that Google has removed for being unnatural or malicious. To find out the reason, you have to submit a reconsideration request manually in the Webmaster tools account.
– Allow to Lookup a webpage on major Seo Group buy tools  like Ahrefs, Archive, Majestic, Semrush, Moz and similar web

Detailed SEO Extension was built and designed in order to boost your Google rank quickly, and easily. The extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers.



MozBar is a powerful chrome extension which helps us to find the position of keywords in web pages, and shows metrics information using live data. Its useful features include showing number of backlinks with PR (Page Rank) and URL Rating for any webpage, top anchor texts ranking for any domain or URL, MozRank of any page on the internet, backlink checker, and many other features like that.

mozbar extension is a free tool from Moz which is used to find the rich and poor optimization of any page or webpage on the internet. It tells you complete information about every webpage including its Rank, Page Authority etc just in one click.

Why it’s useful

 MozBar chrome shows you complete information about any webpage on the internet just by entering the url of that page in the MozBar search box. It Shows various important metrics like: Domain Authority, Page Authority, Google PageRank, Linking Root Domains and so on using live data from



Keyword Surfer

keyword surfer chrome extension is Freemium Keyword Search volume Checker extension that gives you the precise search volume of a keyword or query in Google

Keyword Surfer extension allows you to easily get keyword ideas and rank tracking data for multiple keywords at once from Google Keyword Planner Backlinks PageRank™ Update: Keyword-surfer now has an experimental feature which will allow you to use the Keyword planner as if it was part of Keyword surfer.

The important thing its result is closely related to Google Serp and Google trend and it gives you an option to target a specific region or country to narrow down your traffic and audience based on territories to analyze your preferred market

keyword surfer chrome  extension gives a detailed view sidebar in SERP that tells the statistics of Queries and volume and provide Similar keyword Which means LSI Keyword is also provided by this free extension


Majestic Backlink analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer helps to provide you with a list of all the links that point to a specific page on your website. It pulls it’s data from, one of the most popular link building tools out there and provides you with easy resources when looking for information about how many referring domains are pointing to a specific URL.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer Chrome Extension Helps to Provide You with a List of All the Links That Point to a Specific Page on Your Website

Majestic SEO & How It’s Important for Link Builders

Link Building is an essential part of any well-rounded marketing strategy. MajesticSEO is a crucial part of this process. It gives you access to gain insight on how many backlinks are pointing to your website, which in turn allows you to get an idea of what type of content is being shared and liked the most across the web. For example, if you notice one piece of content getting a high number of

It’s essential for any SEO campaign that you build links from relevant sources and MajesticSEO extension  is a great place to start when trying to find the most relevant, high-quality content.

When you install Majestic Backlink Analyzer on your chrome browser, you’ll gain access to all of these features without having to leave the page that you are already on. Can I Really Make Use of Majestic SEO


Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox that shows search volume, CPC & competition on multiple websites.
If you’re searching for keywords, it’s hard to get a sense of the amount of traffic a keyword gets. You can Google it and see how many results there are, but that doesn’t say much about search volume. It could be a big or small market depending on your niche.

Keyword Everywhere chrome Features
-Competition, search volume & CPC. Data for 5 different countries is shown on SERP (indicated by flags).
-Article type indicator in the Chrome version (by hovering over the title of an article).
-Keyword ranking number for your keyword, which you can use to
– Find search volume, CPC & competition information for gTLDs (8100), ccTLDs (331) and Google domains
– View up to 10 urls at once.
– View SERP summary, cost per click & organic traffic data for multiple websites, including

How can you use it to increase traffic?
Click on the box “Show keywords in search engines.” It will show up in your SERPs so now instead of questioning whether or not an article topic will get traffic, you’ll be able to see real numbers and can make more informed decisions about what content to create for your site. Here’s a screencap of my results

Both Chrome and Firefox have the option have keyword everywhere chrome extension and Keyword everywhere mozilla addon
keywords everywhere Chrome or keywords everywhere Firefox
How does it work? It runs in the background and when you are viewing a website it will show you the searched keyword data of what people type into Google to find that page.

This data comes straight from Google. For example, if you search for the keyword “gifts” and then view a website that has that keyword in it (like, Keyword Everywhere will pop up and show you the estimated volume, CPC…etc.

Install  Keyword Everywhere Extension

Conclusion and Additional Info

I have Listed all these Top Seo Extension with My own Experience Covering all major aspect for every Seo, There are a bunch of alternative with compatible functionality, Features and metrics, But these are Checked and utilized by Experts

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